Moscow anti-fascist MMA tournament: “Moscow is Behind You” III

The following report was published by our comrades at В каждом есть сила (Our Strength).  Translated from the original Russian by the Skin Gym – Toronto.

Moscow, Russia.

The following is a report from the recent amateur MMA tournament, “Moscow is Behind You” III.

The tournament featured forty young athletes and drew a crowd of about a hundred spectators.

Despite the difficulties organizing such events nowadays, this tournament has been an on-going tradition, steadily continuing with its goal of popularizing athletics and positive values within the anti-fascist community.

Some fighters move on to compete at a higher level, while their place is taken by new fighters.  While the average skill level is slowly but surely rising, the tournament still serves as a platform for young athletes to make their fighting debut.

As fighters continue to develop their talents in a “street” martial arts context, organizers expect fighters to return after upping the training regiment and taking their fighting game to the next level.

The tournament is carried out by a working committee, with the support and hard work of many volunteers to help with promotion, logistics, catering and other matters.  All proceeds go to charity and putting on future events.

The organizers are thankful for all the people who have demonstrated their enthusiasm and commitment, contribute their positive energy and make an effort to create real change in society.  In particular, the organization Dark Horse deserves special mention.

Our task is to remind people of the need for self-improvement, the power of solidarity, and of the truth of the proverb, “righteousness should have fists.”

We are worthy of the world that we are building. With small deeds, by small steps, we can change ourselves and change all that surrounds us.  As we all know, little strokes fell great oaks, as long as we do not betray our beliefs and we perform meritorious deeds.  And athletics, as an integral part of self-discipline, can become a faithful companion on this road.

You don’t need to be a professional athlete to give amateur boxing a try, and without a doubt the experience will prove useful to you in the future.  Moreover, a few will find their true mission.  We are equally proud of those who begin at such friendly tournaments and go on to become professional athletes, as we are of those of who, finding a different place in life, do not hesitate to “bare teeth” despite their day job as a laborer, a teacher, a doctor, a programmer.  Without a doubt, there are thousands of such worthy people.

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