First ever anti-fascist grappling tournament in Moscow, 09.2017

From our friends at В каждом есть сила (Our Strength)…


Angry Youth presents the first ever anti-fascist grappling tournament, ANGRY YOUTH OPEN CUP, September 2017 in Moscow.  We consider it necessary to promote contact sports in our environment and encourage all progressive-thinking people from all nations to support this tournament, both as participants and as spectators.

Application submissions are open!

To participate in the tournament send an application to: and include the following:

  1. Name / alias
  2. Country, city
  3. Weight
  4. Rank/level/belt
  5. Contact in social network


Weight categories (Male):

– Up to 62 kg

– Up to 69 kg

– Up to 76 kg

– Up to 83 kg

– Up to 90 kg

– 90 + (not more than 115 kg)


Weight categories (female):

– To 53

– Up to 61

– 61+ (not more than 79)


The tournament is held according to UWW rules.  No gi grappling.

More information TBA!

See you in Moscow in September 2017!

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