The Predacast: new DIY running podcast from Toronto

Today we have to give a shout out to two guys who succeeded in getting a bunch of people who don’t listen to podcasts (us) into podcasts: Kenny and Moe from Toronto.  Basically The Predacast is a podcast about running by two brothers who aren’t your typical runners. Their bio reads:

“Kenny was into bodybuilding, powerlifting and cars. Moe was more into drinking. When Moe started to get fat in his late 20s it inspired him to try something he had despised and avoided his whole life: running.  Moe inspired Kenny and today they are both hardcore runners.  This is their podcast.”

Although nominally about running, they also discuss Muay Thai, boxing, strength training, weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, mountain climbing, nutrition, dieting, gear, all-you-can-eat sushi, not being a dick and life in general.

Having completed six episodes to date and dropping a new one every two weeks, we look forward to more of the podcast that got us into podcasts.

The Predacast on Soundcloud

The Predacast on Itunes

The Predacast on Twitter


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