Minor Hockey in the Maritimes takes a stand against racism

Some followers of The Good Fight may have came across a story in the mainstream Canada press about some recent unfortunate incidents of racism in minor league hockey on Canada’s East Coast. Specifically, Mark Connors, a 16 year-old black goaltender with the Halifax Hawks, was taunted with racial slurs during a hockey tournament in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. The incidents led to an inquiry, a report, and a disciplinary hearing.

In response to the ordeal, a number of minor league hockey leagues teams in the Maritimes, beginning with the Halifax Hawks, made variations of their team logos with “against racism” incorporated into the design, in the tradition of the anti-racist and anti-fascist agit-prop to emerge from the Left football fan culture in Europe.

Below, we have shared some of our favorite designs.

Maximum respect to all the young hockey players and hockey fans on the East Coast taking a stand against racist B.S. in the sport.

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